Arte Sella kindly requests visitors to follow certain rules of conduct:

- be aware of possible slippery paths;
- do not intentionally or recklessly obstruct people's safety on the paths;
- do not make noises shouting and screaming;
- do not touch the art works and do not climb on them;
- do not defacing with paint, lettering, billboards or soiling of any type trees and works;
- do not damage trees and shrubs or part of them , as well as turf;
- animals must be kept on a leash;
- do not leave litter of any kind;
- do not light fires throw cigarette butts, etc;
- do not stray from the designated paths;
- do not introduce and use vehicles along the routes of Arte Sella;
- report at the information points Arte Sella any dangers or risks that they encounter along the way.

People who access the path take full responsibility regarding the suitability of their state of health.

During certain times of some sections of the path can be slippery due to the presence of water, snow or ice, pay close attention.

You should wear shoes that support, cushion and help with the movement of the foot.

Bad weather, falling trees, branches and stray animals as well as the absence of lights are natural risk factors therefore the paths may not be up to safety standards as the public roads.

The Association of Arte Sella declines all responsibility for accidents or damages to persons or properties caused by the lack of proper behavior or from failure to observe the "safety instructions".