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Arte Sella Education proposes a series of initiatives and guided tours for schools and groups.


Proposals for schools


Guided tours for groups

To organize guided tours at Arte Sella you need to contact the Association of Arte Sella on the following contact details:
T. +39 0461 751251 - Email:

Guided tour tariffs (groups up to 40 people )
1. Malga Costa and Tree Cathedral – 125 euros inclusive of tax  plus the entrance fee;
2. Malga Costa and Tree Cathedral and the Garden of Villa Strobele – 150 euro inclusive of tax plus the entrance fee;
3. ArteNatura and Garden of Villa Strobele and Malga Costa and Tree Cathedral area – 200 euros inclusive of tax plus the entrance fee.

For organizational reasons there should not be more than 40 people per group, for a larger group it might be necessary to divide the group and charge extra according to how many tour guides are required.

Meeting points
• The meeting with the guide takes place near the information point of Arte Sella at the parking lot of the restaurant " AL LEGNO" on the SP40 which connects Borgo Valsugana to the Sella Valley (about 8.5 Km from Borgo Valsugana). 

• In case of either unforeseen circumstances or bad weather, the visit may be cancelled by calling 0461 751251 or send an e-mail to, by 12.00 pm on the day before the visit.

• The scheduled meeting time is 30 minutes before the tour begins. If there is a delay exceeding 30 minutes or more of the scheduled starting time, there will be an extra charge of 20 euros to be added to the cost of the guided tour.

Service of assistance for elderly and/or disabled persons

From 2014, in collaboration with Coop API, a service is active that provides assistance for the elderly and/or disabled persons to accompany them to Arte Sella: For info and bookings: T +39 347 5834644 /

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tel. (+39)0461751251
fax (+39)0461756391
P.I. 01294330228
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It is forbidden to reproduce photos without the consent of the association.

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