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A project of art installations by Arte Sella in Borgo Valsugana (TN)


Arte Sella and the municipality of Borgo Valsugana have started the SKY MUSUEM project, which in 2019 and 2020 will lead to the realization of a series of art installations by Arte Sella in the historic centre of Borgo Valsugana.

This is an occasion of great importance, which sees for the first time an artistic intervention of Arte Sella in the centre of the town which marks the beginning of a multi-year path of enhancement of the architectural and landscape qualities of a unique historic centre in Trentino, where the River Brenta flows through the town, Borgo Valsugana. It is a town full of architectural and cultural attractions it also has a cycle path whose value and beauty are now internationally recognized.

The first artwork was commissioned to the British artist Stuart Ian Frost, whose works, in Arte Sella and everywhere else in the world, have become iconic. The artist's unmistakable style and his unique ability to interpret natural elements was a natural choice. The work is composed of two large trunks from the same tree, painstakingly worked, on which a rhythmic structure of individual patterns follow highlighting the incalculable possibilities of recombination and transformation of nature.

On this occasion, Arte Sella and Stuart Ian Frost decided to use a large oak felled in The Sella Valley, on October 29, 2018, by the storm “Vaia.” The use of this element makes the intervention of the artist even more significant, it strongly links him to the events that took place in the territory of the Municipality of Borgo Valsugana and, at the same time, it is loaded with a universal meaning: the work invites us to take care of the fragility of nature and to reconsider the relationship of domination that man has established with it.

The placement of the work in the garden of the Institute of Higher Education, Alcide de Gasperi, wants to emphasize the importance of the bonding of many subjects – the Sella Art Association, the Municipality of Borgo Valsugana and the Institute of Education – which  continue to work on the assumption that culture, in all its facets, possesses the ability to regenerate and enhance the territory. The work is located near the cycle path, where it can become, thanks to the collaboration with Apt Valsugana, a strong attraction for the thousands of cyclists who cross the old town every year.


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Photos Aldo Fedele, Giancarlo Dal Savio, Giacomo Bianchi
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