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Could I come and visit the paths with my dog?
Yes, you can access Arte Sella's exhibition paths with 4-legged friends on a leash in order to respect others and the wildlife living in the woods. They are not allowed during performances.

Where do I find waste baskets at Arte Sella?
Arte Sella adopts an environmental policy for which waste produced in the mountains or in natural places should be taken home for disposal. However, along the Sella Valley there are paid baskets and glass and free paper baskets along the road near the car parks.

Could I come to Arte Sella with a stroller or a wheelchair?
Of course, you can visit Malga Costa's Area, which is a ring of about a kilometer on an hill garden, and Villa Strobele's garden. The Montura Path  is more difficult.

Who has access to exhibition tours for free?
- Residents at Borgo Valsugana;
- Children under the age of 10;
- Disabled with their accompanying person;
- Guest Card Holders;
- Museum pass holders;
- Owners free voucher Montura / Arte Sella;
- Owners free vouchers Arte Sella;
- CoopApi Operators

Can I take pictures of the artworks?
Sure, just for personal use. If you are a professional contact us by email for a release.

Arte Sella reserves all right to the artworks fot he exhibitions.
No graphic reproductions, photographs or videos are allowed on any medium (internet, magazines...) without permission. 


How do I get to Sella Valley by coach?
From 1st July, the following transit times for coaches and caravans along the Sella Valley entered into force:
- Ascent from Borgo Valsugana to Sella Valley only from 8 am to 1 pm;
- Downhill from Sella Valley to Borgo Valsugana allowed only from 1 pm onwards.

Safety regulations
Arte Sella urges visitors to follow some rules:
- pay attention to possible slippery traits;
- not intentionally or recklessly obstruct people's safety on the trail;
- do not make a noise or scream;
- do not touch the artworks and don’t stand on them;
- don't deface with paint, writing or damage the trees in any way;
- don't damage the trees and shrubs or the lawns or any part thereof;
- no animals except on a leash allowed;
- do not leave rubbish of any kind;
- do not light fires, throw cigarette butts, etc.;
- don't stray from the path or trail;
- no vehicles allowed along the paths of Arte Sella;
- report to the information desks of Arte Sella if you encounter any hazards along the way;

During certain times of the year sections of the trail may be slippery due to the presence of water, snow or ice, use extreme caution.

You should wear shoes that support the foot, absorb the blows and that facilitates movement of the foot.

Bad weather, falling trees and branches, stray animals as well as the absence of artificial light are natural risk factors. So the path cannot be subject to safety standards and maintenance as on public roads.

The Association Arte Sella does not take any responsibility for accidents or damage to persons or things caused by carelessness or from a failure to observe the "safety instructions".



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Photos Aldo Fedele, Giancarlo Dal Savio, Giacomo Bianchi
© Arte Sella.
It is forbidden to reproduce photos without the consent of the association.

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