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From 6th August 2021 it is mandatory that visitors show the Green Pass

16 july 2021

In compliance with the government regulations in force, provided for all places of culture in Italy (ref. D.L. of 23 July 2021), from 6 August 2021 it is mandatory that visitors show the Green Pass accompanied by a valid identity document to access the exhibition areas of Arte Sella. The provisions do not apply to children under the age of 12 and persons with specific medical certification.

The COVID-19 - EU digital COVID Green Certification is a digital certification which can be printed, it consists of a two-dimensional barcode (QR Code) and a qualified electronic seal.


The Certification certifies one of the following conditions:

- having done the covid-19 vaccination (in Italy it is issued both at the first dose and at the completion of the vaccination cycle)

- be negative to the rapid molecular or antigenic test in the last 48 hours

- be cured of COVID-19 in the last six months

For each of these circumstances it is necessary to obtain the Green Pass certification to be shown at the entrance. For more information on how to obtain a Green Pass, visit

The anti-Covid safety requirements also remain in force

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